The Academic Center

The Academic Center is an after-school and summer program that focuses on academics, character education, physical activity, and healthy habits to help inner-city kids strive and reach their full potential. The Academic Center serves up to 50 students who primarily come from low-income neighborhoods and failing schools. 60% of the children in East Knoxville live below the poverty line. Many of the students live within a one-mile radius of two public housing communities, Section 8 housing, and lower income homes.  The area schools are also struggling to keep up with State requirements.  According to the 2015 State of Tennessee Report Card, three of the schools we serve – Green Magnet Academy, Sarah Moore Green Elementary School, and Vine Middle Magnet School – are failing in reading, mathematics, and science.  All three schools are ranked at the bottom of all Knox County Schools in terms of attendance and test scores, and have the highest number of suspensions in the system.

The Breakfast Club

Shora Foundation serves high schools teens and young adults aged 18 - 24. Our staff provides a life skills curriculum to this target market. We focus on education, financial literacy, character development, career development. This program is provided in the summer and we also partner with other youth serving organizations where we tailor the curriculum to fit their needs.

Back 2 School Giveaway

We are proud to give away free backpacks and schools supplies in  to middle and high school youth each year the inner city Knoxville, TN. We have served kids at Austin East High School, Fulton High School, Sarah Moore Greene, Green Magnet Elementary, Chilhowee Intermediate, and Sunnyview Primary. 


Be Fit, Be Inspired, Be Transformed

BFIT is a program that promotes healthy lifestyles among African American men and women in the inner city. African Americans are at a higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These statistics are higher in areas where there is high poverty and lack of healthy, natural, and organic resources. 

We bring together men and women weekly and hope to transform their spiritual, mental, and physical well being.