Our Story

Shora Gives Each Child The Love They Deserve.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for those in under-resourced areas by creating opportunities and transforming communities.


Academic Center and The Roots Collective


Our focus on academic achievement, food sustainability, amental health, and economic equity demonstrates our holistic approach to community transformation. By addressing these interconnected areas, we are working towards creating lasting change that uplifts individuals and revitalizes entire communities.

Shora Foundation stands out from other organizations with similar missions due to its comprehensive approach and unique offerings. While many organizations aim to provide support to under-resourced communities, Shora Foundation distinguishes itself in several key ways.

Firstly, our commitment to providing trauma-informed therapy sets us apart. In Knoxville, we are the sole program offering this crucial service to marginalized school-age scholars who are enrolled in our Academic Center and their families at no cost. We recognize that addressing mental health is essential for overall well-being and success, and our trauma-informed approach ensures that our support is sensitive to the unique experiences and needs of those we serve.

Additionally, Shora Foundation is pioneering in its provision of entrepreneurship opportunities through The Roots Collective. By empowering individuals with the skills and resources to start their own businesses, we are not only fostering economic equity but also nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators in under-resourced communities.

About Shora's Founder and Leader

Tanika Harper is an East Tennessee entrepreneur who has ownership in four small businesses, all of which help create opportunities for under-resourced neighborhoods. Tanika's mission is to uplift and elevate youth and young adults who lack the tools and resources needed to excel. She uses her platform to train, facilitate, encourage, and motivate.

Tanika has been in business for over twelve years and this has helped her gain access to social and financial resources that will help move some of the poorest communities in Knoxville forward. She is extremely passionate about developing youth and small business development.

Tanika's businesses, Elite Facility Maintenance, and Harper's Naturals, are members of The Knoxville Chamber. Shora Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 2008, is a 21st Century Learning Center and a member of Alliance For Better Nonprofits.

Tanika has one daughter who is a competitive gymnast and she thoroughly enjoys their time together traveling. She loves going to the movies and her favorite past-time is napping.

Tanika is definitely an extrovert and you may see her out and about; she'd love for you to say hello.

What Does Shora Mean?

Interestingly, Shora is a word meaning safe place in Nigeria. Since Shora is a community asset that is volunteer driven and cares about East Knoxville. One child at a time, and one family at a time. You are most important to us, so we protect your most valued legacy, your child (ages 6-13). Shora even helps parents prevent the summer-slide for their children before they go back to school.

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