Turn a Child's Forever Dream into Reality, Be a Transformer.

Volunteering Benefits

A Volunteer sees and recognizes something that is bigger than themselves and makes a commitment of time, resources, and skill. They bring these assets to bear for the transformation of a community knowing a commitment is more than saying nice words, it requires the action of commitment of both individuals and the business community. The strength and the future of our community of East Knoxville rely on our volunteers. For in them, is a love to see a struggling child transition into our future leaders. Every child is valuable and worth the investment of time, learning resources, and emotional development activities. Shora helps children learn development skills with other children in a safe environment. Shora is transforming a community one Life at a Time in the East Knoxville area.

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The Volunteer Mission

We provide a safe place culture for those in under-resourced areas by creating opportunites and transfomring communities. Are you ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.

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