Youth Programs

Empowering Generations

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Our staff and volunteer tutors help your children have a deeper understanding of their school subjects. We ensure homework is complete and that students are progressing to the next grade level.

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Food sustainability is important. Students are served a daily snack and weekly meals. Many fruits and vegetables come from our garden, The Garden on Selma!

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Many experts believe the best form of learning is that which comes from project-based learning. Your child will develop skills and confidence.

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We believe in true community. That's why we love our Family Engagement nights. These are opportunities for families to engage in their child's learning and have fun doing it.

Why Choose Our Youth Program?

It is our mission to provide a safe place culture for those in uder-resourced communities. We meet this goal through our after-school and summer learning programs. When joining the Shora Foundation, your child will be immersed in community development opportunities. In our programs, we will ensure that every child will progress in reading and math skills each year. Our other goals include:

Elevate Education

Enhance Experience

Shift Mindsets

Empower Generations

Increase Opportunities

After 15 years in East Knoxville helping children, we have gained understanding and the know-how that is effective and essential in helping a child develop. We reach our goals through many different avenues. This is because we understand not every child is the same. Some ways we use to help your child include:

  • Academic Achievement: Our primary goal is to make sure that 100% of our students are progressing to the next grade level, on the honor roll. We can meet this goal by having each student complete homework every day and by giving math and reading exercises. We coordinate with parents and teachers to ensure the success of each child. Because your child is important, we go the extra mile to provide math activities that make math more understandable and more fun as well as language classes to enrich your child's learning.
  • Mental Health: Many low-income residents, including youth, face a lot of environmental trauma. This causes social-emotional stress and leaves kids unable to process their emotions. With our partnership with the University of Tennessee Department of Psychology we are able provide weekly trauma informed group and individual therapy sessions.
  • Food Sustainability: We strive to eradicate hunger among the kids that we serve. We have a community garden that provides healthy food options to our students, and we provide weekly backpack meals to kids who are in need. Many of our students would only eat at school, if not for our intervention.
  • Economic Equity: Through our program, The Roots Collective, we elevate Black leadership and Black entrepreneurship through by way of mentorships, workshops, a coworking space, and access to capital.

Want to Get Involved?

Without the generosity of our donors, we would not be able to serve the families and kids that we serve on a day to day bases. To learn more about how you can help us fulfill our mission, click the buttons below.

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